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New York City Headquarters

CSAEE will establish a physical headquarters in New York City by the fall of 2025. It will be near one of the historical epicenters of American departures, the New York Passenger Ship Terminal in Hell’s Kitchen, Manhattan along the Hudson River.  The headquarters will include space for CSAEE staff, visiting scholars, and research fellows.

West Side Highway and Piers 95-96-97-98, looking west from roof of 619 West 54th Street, Manhattan in 1937.  (Photo courtesy of the New York Public Library)

Hell’s Kitchen, Manhattan.

The Museum of American Exile & Expatriation

Plans are underway for the creation of a museum devoted to the collection, curation, and exhibition of artifacts and oral histories related to American exile and expatriation.

Lost Generation Journal

Bijou – A Documentary Short Film on the History of American Exile & Expatriation

CSAEE has begun pre-production on a short-length documentary film about American exile and expatriation.  The film is inspired by the song Bijou by the Tony Award-winning artist, and onetime American expatriate, Stew, whose work includes Passing Strange (2006) and The Total Bent (2015).

Expatria! The Encyclopedia of American Exile & Expatriation